Christmas Message 2016

Hey everyone! Sorry no 2015 message….we had just moved into our new house in Phoenix, AZ and needed to draw up a Christmas tree on a stinkin’ white board! This year has been much different–an awesome first year in the desert! So what happened?!?… Jason went through the F-35 Instructor Pilot upgrade and is teaching new pilots daily in the world’s newest fighter jet. Jennifer got promoted to Senior Manager at Deloitte. Aiden is learning new sports and is enjoying Preschool. Caleb is walking and talking and trying to learn everything he can while keeping up with brother. Together we have turned our new house into a wonderful home, got plugged in by serving at our local church and are nurturing different relationships with friends in the community. We are excited to see what God does with us in the Valley of the Sun during 2017 and hope to see you soon. Please let us know if coming to Phoenix!


the Walls (Jason, Jennifer, Aiden and Caleb)


Christmas Message 2014

Merry Christmas to all! This Christmas is going to be so nice as we will all be together and celebrating in California. Hopefully Aiden will be playing in snow and skiing for the first time!

This last year was kind of rough as Jason deployed to Kabul, Afghanistan for six months. Before departing in April the three of us went to Hawaii for a fun vacation and some time with the island family. Jen and Aiden were able to spend some real quality time living with our parents in CA and NJ for the majority of the deployment. They formed some good memories and tight bonds with everyone during that time. Jason helped deconflict military and civilian aircraft while deployed among many other things but was sooo happy to reunite with Jen and Aiden after such a long time apart. Some well deserved time off was taken with trips to Savannah, GA and Disneyworld! We were able to spend Thanksgiving on the shore of South Carolina in Pawley’s Island with the Corleys and are anxiously looking forward to the plans God has for us in 2015.


Jason, Jennifer and Aiden

Christmas Message 2013

Dear Family and Friends, Merry Christmas! While last year was a year of change, this year was one of a little more consistency–but, for us, that isn’t saying much ;).

While the location of our home stayed the same (Caledonia, MS)–we have had exciting experiences watching Aiden grow and traveling together. In April, we headed to NYC & NJ, and California & Oregon (drove up the coast). In May, we spent time in Pawleys Island, SC. In August, we took an amazing trip with Jason’s family to Sweden, Norway and Denmark. We spent Thanksgiving in California and will be in NJ for Christmas.

Below is a photo–Aiden pointing out our voyage while on a cruise from Copgenhagen, Denmark to Olso, Norway. 524

Christmas Message 2012

Dear Family and Friends,

Thanks for checking out our Christmas message!

This past year has been one filled with change. We moved to Caledonia, Mississippi in January. Since we are in the South, we decided to embrace the “country” lifestyle; we selected a beautiful home with lots of land and a pond to call our home for the next three years. On July 15th, we were blessed with our son, Aiden John. He has brought so much joy into our lives. He is growing so quickly and makes us laugh everyday (we make him laugh daily too 😉 ). In October, Jason completed his Masters in Aeronautical Sciences with honors. It was a year of hard work but well worth it! It has been a very eventful year 🙂
We hope you all have a wonderful Christmas!


Jason, Jennifer & Aiden

Our favorite picture of Aiden, September 2012, 2 months old


Merry Christmas

Dear Family and Friends,

Thanks for checking out our blog! We want to take this opportunity to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas. We are so blessed to have you all as family and friends! We hope you all have the opportunity to take time off and enjoy it with your family.

This year we spent Thanksgiving in New Jersey at Jen’s parent’s house and will be spending Christmas in California at Jason’s parent’s house. We are excited to experience our first Christmas together as a married couple and hope that Santa can keep track of all our travels. We are very happy simply living life and balancing work, school, church and fun.

Love, Jason and Jennifer

She will give birth to a son, and you are to give him the name Jesus…

– Mt 1:21

Hello Family and Friends!

After speaking with Jason’s little sister Morgan the other night and learning she thought we were already living is Mississippi, Jason and I thought it would be a good idea to more effectively communicate with our friends and family; As a result, this blog was born.

Let me begin by saying I know absolutely nothing about blogging… but here it goes!!