Merry Christmas to all! This Christmas is going to be so nice as we will all be together and celebrating in California. Hopefully Aiden will be playing in snow and skiing for the first time!

This last year was kind of rough as Jason deployed to Kabul, Afghanistan for six months. Before departing in April the three of us went to Hawaii for a fun vacation and some time with the island family. Jen and Aiden were able to spend some real quality time living with our parents in CA and NJ for the majority of the deployment. They formed some good memories and tight bonds with everyone during that time. Jason helped deconflict military and civilian aircraft while deployed among many other things but was sooo happy to reunite with Jen and Aiden after such a long time apart. Some well deserved time off was taken with trips to Savannah, GA and Disneyworld! We were able to spend Thanksgiving on the shore of South Carolina in Pawley’s Island with the Corleys and are anxiously looking forward to the plans God has for us in 2015.


Jason, Jennifer and Aiden