Hey everyone! Sorry no 2015 message….we had just moved into our new house in Phoenix, AZ and needed to draw up a Christmas tree on a stinkin’ white board! This year has been much different–an awesome first year in the desert! So what happened?!?… Jason went through the F-35 Instructor Pilot upgrade and is teaching new pilots daily in the world’s newest fighter jet. Jennifer got promoted to Senior Manager at Deloitte. Aiden is learning new sports and is enjoying Preschool. Caleb is walking and talking and trying to learn everything he can while keeping up with brother. Together we have turned our new house into a wonderful home, got plugged in by serving at our local church and are nurturing different relationships with friends in the community. We are excited to see what God does with us in the Valley of the Sun during 2017 and hope to see you soon. Please let us know if coming to Phoenix!


the Walls (Jason, Jennifer, Aiden and Caleb)